Shining a Light On: Marina Butler, President

When Marina Butler speaks, you can bet that people in the HR and staffing industry listen. She’s spent 24 years in the business—20 running her own company—and has spent countless hours partnering with other companies to help them evaluate growth opportunities and design their organizational structures and workforce plans.

And there’s a reason that Employment Professionals Canada (and its earlier incarnation, Erie Personnel Corporation) has stayed in Southern Ontario, rather than moving to a bigger metropolitan area: Marina is dedicated to helping the Southern Ontario business community grow. A native of Fort Erie, she built her business to encourage other businesses to invest in the area. She’s worked with economic development organizations to attract new companies to the area, partially by providing labor market studies.

So what does this mean to EPC’s clients and contract employees? They’re working with a company that is deeply rooted in Southern Ontario. EPC knows the area’s best jobs and best employers, and their longstanding reputation in the community means they have access to people and positions that not everybody has.

And in her spare time, Marina has been writing two books: one work of fiction, and one non-fiction book that is due to be released in summer 2013. The book, which has yet to be titled, deals with women in business and the transitions and challenges they face through the different stages of their careers. By sharing stories, testimonials and the life experiences of herself and other professional women, she hopes to share expert advice to the up and coming women in the business world—and share how she and others got to their means of success. “There’s a different set of rules at each stage,” Marina explains, and the focus of the book is to explain these rules and how to follow them—or break them.

Business owner. Recruiting and staffing expert. Community leader. HR Consultant. Health and Safety Consultant. Published author. Marina Butler wears many hats. Contact Marina or her staff at Employment Professionals Canada to find out what they can do for your career or your company!