Shining a Light On: Pamela Morin, General Manager

Pamela Morin and Employment Professionals Canada both know a good thing when they’ve found it. EPC hired Pamela right out of college, and she’s been with the company ever since. She’s used her  IT and HR knowledge to rise through the ranks, starting as a recruiter and earning promotions to Supervisor, Branch Manager and finally, General Manager.

It seems funny to think about now, but back in the late 1990s, the staffing industry was still running on ink and paper—and EPC wanted to bring their business into the digital age. Pamela’s degree in Information Systems gave her the knowledge and experience to make it happen. Yet she didn’t neglect her HR and staffing skills, graduating from Rotman’s Advanced Program in Human Resources Management at the University of Toronto and earning an Osgoode Certificate in HR Law through York University.

So what does this mean to EPC’s clients and contract employees? They’ll almost all get to know Pamela, as she performs double duty: she handles senior-level executive placement services, while also managing the day-to-day activities of the recruiting and sales staffs. She also supervises EPC’s mobile recruiting efforts in the Greater Toronto area. Moreover, she leads contract startup projects for multiple clients. When a client wins a new contract, Pamela travels to their site to handle their initial recruiting needs. She places advertisements, runs job fairs, screens candidates and implements training and onboarding for all of the new employees.

With Pamela Morin supporting both people and technology, clients and candidates, it’s not hard to see why Employment Professionals Canada has remained so successful for so long. “My main goal is the success of the company and my assistance in making it happen,” says Pamela.  It seems that her goal has been reached.

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