‘Tis the Season… of Seasonal Hiring! Be more strategic and efficient this year

As the leaves begin to change and the weather grows colder, many of us start anticipating the holiday season. However, as an employer, you might be singing a different tune. Along with the seasonal change comes the demand for seasonal employees. And hiring a new batch of seasonal help to compensate for increased activity can pose a challenge to any business owner.

How do you ensure that the seasonal employees you bring on board will make a positive contribution to your team? And where should you look to find the best seasonal talent?

During your business’ peak season, you simply can’t afford to make a mistake in the hiring process. Luckily, there are a number of ways to make your seasonal hiring run as smoothly as possible.

Spell it out.

Writing an unclear job description will inundate you with unqualified candidates. A well structured job description will attract the right candidates, and help decrease the amount of time you must spend wading through resumes.

Take the time to evaluate your business’ seasonal needs and write job postings that fully articulate the type of employees that you’re looking for. Your staffing firm or recruiter can provide valuable insight (and assistance) in crafting the perfect job description. Their years of experience can prove invaluable in writing a clear job description and finding the ideal candidates.

Hire the quick study.

When selecting which candidates to bring on board, look for those who demonstrate the ability to learn new skills quickly. While it’s certainly important to hire seasonal employees with specific qualifications, it’s just as important to hire people who can think quickly on their feet and adapt readily in a new environment.

Similarly, try to find applicants who have excelled in pressured environments or have accomplished a wide variety of projects in the past. Taking on a seasonal position can be overwhelming for some candidates; you’re looking for employees who will be willing and able to rise to the occasion.

Stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Start the hunt for your seasonal workers just a bit earlier than other organizations in your field. This way you’ll have the pick of the crop. Plus, beginning your search earlier is likely to put you in touch with the most organized and dedicated job hunters.

Develop an accelerated onboarding program.

Enlist the help of your current staff to create a fast and effective onboarding program to welcome new seasonal employees. You want to make sure that your seasonal employees are fully acquainted with your organization without spending too much valuable time on orientation activities.

Always keep the door open for the future.

If you have a great experience with a seasonal employee, don’t hesitate to extend an open offer to return next year. The knowledge of your business that they will have gained during one season is an invaluable asset for the future.

To learn more about seasonal hiring and how to begin your search, get in touch with the recruiting experts at Employment Professionals Canada. We’d be happy to share our knowledge of seasonal hiring in Ontario and help you find a talented team.