Manager Mistakes that Kill Employee Morale

Managers face new challenges every day. From project deadlines to balancing budgets to structural changes, no one ever said that leading a team was an easy job.

Maintaining employee morale—making sure that your team stays positive and motivated—is one of the most critical parts of any manager’s role. Even when times get tough, it’s absolutely essential not to bring your employees down with you.

Let’s take a look at a few common manager mistakes that can do some real damage to employee morale.


When you tell your employees one thing then turn around and do the opposite, it sends the message that you’re wishy-washy and easily swayed in opposing directions. Your staff will lose trust in you if you seem inconsistent or disingenuous. Try to honor your word as much as possible.

All talk. No action.

Another very common manager mistake is talking the talk, but failing to walk the walk. Managers who constantly express their visions for the company without ever implementing any changes are rarely respected by their teams. If you want your staff to take you seriously, make sure that your initiatives are realistic and that you follow through as much as possible.

Putting up a wall

A manager needs to be an authority figure to their team. That goes without saying. But they also need to be a human being and a person that their team can relate to. If you come across overly distant and cold towards your employees, you’ll make the work environment uncomfortable for everyone. Work on finding a balance between leadership and collegiality.


There’s nothing more distracting for an employee than to have their manager hovering over them constantly while they’re trying to complete a project. While it’s obviously important to observe work habits and stay abreast of everyone’s progress, this doesn’t mean invading their workspace. Give your employees the freedom to complete their tasks and intervene only when necessary.

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