How Close Are You to Your Professional Network?

All relationships have a number of things in common. They require mutual trust, respect and reciprocity.

Professional relationships, of course, are no different. We all seek to gain something from the contacts within our professional network. Whether it’s a new position, a new client or simply more knowledge, your professional network is crucial for career development in so many ways.

All business is relationship business

Humans are social creatures. Yet some of us forget this when it comes to our professional lives. Even though building a professional network takes time and effort at the start, it offers rewards every step of the way.

One small way to begin building your network is to get to know your colleagues better. Studies show that co-workers who trust and respect one another are far more productive and creative in the workplace. Plus, your colleagues likely come with their own professional networks for you to tap into. A relationship with a co-worker might result in attending an industry event together, or even something as simple as an introduction to a professional at another organization. When it comes to networking, every little bit counts.

Networking puts you on the radar

The more people you know in your industry, the more opportunities will reveal themselves to you. Cultivating your professional connections keeps you in the loop and keeps others aware of what you’re up to. Don’t be shy about networking on social media or through professional websites like LinkedIn. While many people worry about over-promoting themselves to the point of seeming obnoxious, so long as your attempts are tasteful and brief, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t utilize all of the online tools available to you.

Your professional network is your meal ticket

Ultimately, the professional connections that you make can potentially determine the future of your career. For example, if you make a great connection at an industry event, that person just might consider you the next time they have an open position available at their organization. Moreover, if you’re a person with a large network of great industry contacts, your current employer might be far more inclined to promote you than if you weren’t so well connected.

Remember: your professional network is the key to your success.

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