Overcoming Ontario’s Slow Job Market

Few professional tasks are more challenging than looking for a job during a recession.

As many job seekers already know, job growth has been slow in Ontario over the past few years. Though many economists predict that conditions should improve during the later half of 2013, the current Canadian market is still fairly precarious. Jobs are being cut. Companies are scaling back on full-time positions. And hiring in almost all industries is few and far between.

But despite this bleak picture, there are still many ways for professionals to overcome a slow market and secure a new position.

Be persistent.

It goes without saying that a tough job market means a higher percentage of rejections. Don’t be discouraged if you never hear back from the first few job postings that you apply for. There are far fewer available jobs than there are qualified applicants during a recession. Try not to take rejections personally. Instead, focus your energy on researching companies where you feel you would be a great fit.

Stay informed.

It’s easy to get worn down when you’re searching for a job. Many people start off strong and then begin to lose stamina. Don’t let this happen to you. Keep yourself in the loop as much as possible. Check print and online job listings daily.  Read as much as you can on your industry. Staying informed and up to date on current trends will also give you a competitive edge in a job interview.

Focus your search on growth industries.

If you’re struggling to find a position in your current industry, it might be time to expand your search to include related sectors with more opportunities. Healthcare, for example, continues to be a hot growth area in Ontario. Many professionals with IT, marketing or human resources experience have found work in the healthcare sector after broadening their search.

Keep learning.  

Gaining new skills through professional development courses is another great way to increase your employability and help your chances of securing a position. Whether you’re a seasoned professional with many years under your belt or a recent grad looking for an entry-level position, there are a number of part-time professional programs out there to help you add a few more lines to your resume.

Look to the experts.

Staffing firms specialize in placing professionals in part-time and full-time positions. If you’re looking for one-on-one assistance from a trained recruitment expert, perhaps it’s time to contact your local staffing agency.

For more information, contact the friendly staff at Employment Professionals Canada. We’d love to discuss your professional goals with you!