Your Complicated Job Search Strategy is Costing You the Job

Job seekers today are inundated with job searching tips and strategies. A quick peruse of the Internet turns up thousands of the ‘latest and greatest’ job-hunting tips guaranteed to land you a great new job in no time flat.

But are all of these complicated job search strategies really worth it?

The answer is unclear. But one thing is for sure: spending too much time online trying to find the hottest new strategies often gets in the way of making meaningful professional connections and researching the companies that you truly want to work for.

A complicated job search strategy that involves registering for a series of different job sites can leave you feeling overwhelmed. And when you sign up with too many websites or job banks at once, chances are that you’re going to end up duplicating your efforts, wasting your time and losing track of your search.

You also don’t need to try every new job-hunting trick that you come across. For example, many employers won’t even look at a video resume. Social media is a great way to promote yourself or expand your search, but it certainly isn’t a job searching necessity if you’re already stretching yourself too thin.

Instead of employing a complicated strategy that makes your head spin, why not consider a few ways to simplify your search?

Start slowly

You don’t need to register for every job bank on the first day of your search. When it comes to browsing online job ads, take your time. Get to know the technology and see what’s out there.

Get organized

Come up with ways in advance to manage your job search. When you use too many strategies at once, it’s very easy to forget where you’ve applied. Always keep records of your efforts and document your progress.

Create a job search plan

Determine your career goals and the companies that you most want to work for. Write up a list of key search terms that include your most important skills, as well as the industry areas that interest you. Set some realistic goals for your search and decide which job banks and/or websites you will search through first. Creating a simple, organized plan for yourself is often much more effective than using a million different tactics at once.

Work on perfecting your resume and cover letter

When you write a knockout cover letter and resume, your job search is infinitely easier. Rather than spending your time trying to find the latest strategy to catch an employer’s attention, try it the old fashioned way first. Craft a cover letter that separates you from the pack. Design a clear, concise and aesthetically pleasing resume. It sounds simple, but often this is all that a hiring manager is really looking for.

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