The (Free) Job Search Tool You Should Be Using

It’s no secret that working with a staffing agency can give you a significant advantage when you’re searching for a job.

Staffing companies are designed to help match professionals with companies that are right for them. Whether you’re looking for a temporary, contract, part-time, or permanent position, working with a staffing company is a fast, easy way to improve your job search.

Regardless of what industry you’re looking for work in, there’s a staffing agency out there that can help you. From administrative and short-term manual labor positions to executives and professionals searching for full-time employment, staffing firms specialize in a wide variety of areas.

But what else can a staffing agency do for you?

Get you the inside scoop on available positions

All reputable staffing firms have a long list of regular clients, i.e., companies that regularly increase their workforce. Many organizations use staffing agencies exclusively to fill their open positions and never even bother to advertise openings. When you’re working with an agency, you’ll have constant access to new listings through online job boards, email alerts, and inside information from your recruiter.

Save time and effort

Staffing agencies specialize in position types, areas, industries and even companies. They understand the local job market and know the company cultures of the organizations for which they are recruiting. What might take you weeks to research, they can do in a few minutes. There’s simply no question that working with a recruiter will save you tons of time in your job search.

Free training

A growing number of staffing agencies offer temporary employees free training to help improve their skills and increase the number of assignments that they’re eligible for. This is a great way to boost your knowledge and experience as you look for a permanent position.

For more information about working with a staffing agency, contact Employment Professionals Canada. As leaders in the staffing industry, we’d love to discuss your professional goals with you!