Hiring: Canadian Companies Proceed with Caution

A recent Bank of Canada survey suggests that most companies are still keeping their hiring at a minimum as economic conditions nationwide remain uncertain.

Many firms claim that economic uncertainty is the primary reason that they have chosen to delay future projects and to hire new employees very modestly.

Hiring has improved ever so slightly from the last spring survey. However, a number of firms noted in the most recent survey that they only expected to make minor—if any—changes to their staff over the next year.

Similarly, a lot of companies stated that they already have all the workers they need to meet current demands. Only 20% said they faced any labour shortages at all in their organization.

Ultimately it seems that most Canadian companies are waiting for the economy to gain some momentum before they make any major hiring decisions.

So where does this leave job seekers?

Well, it would be unrealistic to think that finding a desirable position is going to be easy. In a tough economy with many employers slowing their hiring, more and more job seekers end up fighting over the few available positions. This means a majorly oversaturated candidate pool and a greater degree of difficulty when it comes to standing out from the pack.

But don’t get discouraged.

With some additional effort and a solid job search strategy, it’s certainly possible to land a great new position in 2013. One of the most common strategies for finding a job during a recession is to partner up with a staffing firm. With a team of highly skilled recruiters working to match you with a company that’s hiring, you’ll have a much greater chance of securing meaningful employment. Staffing firms can also provide assistance with writing a strong resume and performing well in an interview.

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