Your Job Search: Five Tips for Staying Relevant & Marketing Yourself

Once upon a time, it took many years before skills became obsolete and technology advanced to the point where talented individuals planning their next job move felt like they were behind the curve.

Not anymore.

In today’s day and age, if we want to “live happily ever after” many of us have to (1) keep working, and (2) stay on our toes when it comes to keeping abreast of industry, business and technological advances that occur faster than you can say, “There’s an app for that!”

Whether you’re nearing retirement or at an earlier or midpoint in your career, you need to stay relevant and continue to sell your own personal brand: you!

Stay Current & Tech Savvy

  • Take classes. These can be in brick-and-mortar classrooms at your local community college or adult education program, or they can be webinars and other online programs. In addition to keeping your skills honed and your knowledge fresh, this says a lot about your initiative and drive towards continuous self-improvement.
  • Brush up on technical and industry strengths. This includes general skills like Microsoft Word and Excel, as well as sector-specific skills like Salesforce, Photoshop and Base Camp.

Build Your Network

  • Phone a friend. List the 15 to 20 people closest to you, including both business contacts and friends. Invite them to coffee or lunch. Catch up on current events, technological and career information, and life in general. Worst case: It will lead to stimulating conversation and a chance to refresh your contacts. Best case: You’ll garner information that leads to personal and professional development.
  • It goes without saying – but network online. Maintain a compelling LinkedIn profile and if you haven’t already done so, wade into the blogging, Pinterest, Twitter and foursquare waters. Recruiters and hiring managers will trace your social media presence.

Keep Your Resume Fresh

  • Update your resume annually – or more often, if needed. Scrutinize the format. Would a functional, versus chronological format, work better? And regardless of how you structure your resume, make sure all data – especially your accomplishments and continuing professional development – are up to date.

Keep Up With the News

  • Stay abreast of pertinent business developments. Register for industry-specific newsletters and updates. Follow companies of interest on social media sites.
  • Keep a pulse on the job market. Even if you’re not actively seeking new employment, research the market on a regular basis and stay well-versed in what’s going on. Pay attention to open positions in your field. This will help you see not only who’s hiring, but also what qualifications are required in the current employment arena.

Know Your Worth

  • Know your market price, whether you’re considering a new position or company or are content where you are. You can’t negotiate a salary hike unless you know what the market is paying other professionals who do work comparable to yours.

Staying relevant may feel overwhelming, given the warp speed pace at which things change in today’s business world. But it’s very doable – with just a little thought, planning and strategic foresight.

To learn more about this and other tactics to progress along your successful career path, contact the recruiting experts at Employment Professionals Canada today.