The Do’s and Don’ts of Temporary Employment

Temporary employment can be the ideal situation if you’ve been unable to find work or want to “try on” a job or two before settling on a specific career path. Temporary workers often enjoy above-average wages, flexible hours, and a wide variety of tasks and projects at each assignment.

Here are some guidelines to keep in mind to achieve maximum success as a temporary employee.

Do: Affiliate with the Best Agencies

Do your homework and find a staffing firm that becomes your partner in advancing your job search and your successful career growth.

  • Research agency web and social media sites. Look at all pertinent information including client lists, services offered, and testimonials.
  • If you’re interested in particular industries, be sure that the agency you choose specializes in placements with applicable businesses.
  • The best staffing agencies take time to get to know you. This way, your needs are matched with the best assignments for you.

Do: Keep in Touch with Your Agent

Keep communication lines open with your agent. They will become your greatest job-search ally.

  • Touch base once a week. Contacting them any more frequently means you may waste valuable time that they otherwise could spend contacting companies for more assignments. Likewise, don’t wait longer than that to check in.
  • Respond promptly to your agent’s calls and emails. This ensures your chance of landing prime assignments.
  • If your personal information or employment status changes, let your agent know as soon as possible.

Do: Arrive at Your Assignments on Time and Ready to Work

  • In fact, be early! And find out ahead of time about the dress code.
  • Bring a pen and notebook to take notes.
  • Leave personal business behind. Stay focused.

Do: Take Advantage of Agency Services

When you research staffing agencies, find out which training and information resources they offer for job seekers like yourself. These services will help you be more successful in your employment search and more marketable as you plot your long-term career.

Don’t: Lie about Your Credentials

Treat your agency and its staff with the same respect and honesty you would a regular employer. Agencies will do a thorough check of your references, educational and professional experience, certifications and criminal record, as well as conduct a drug test.

Don’t: Get Discouraged

It may take some time for your agent to find the right assignment for you. It’s a good idea to start building your agency relationship two to four weeks before you actually need work, so if possible, plan ahead.

Don’t: Tell Agency You’ll Take Any Job – Unless You Mean It

If you say you can work any job, that’s exactly what you need to expect. So if you aren’t available nights or weekends, you can’t lift heavy objects or have any other physical restrictions, or there are areas where the commute is too long or just not feasible, let your agent know up front.

Don’t: Complain to the Client

Address any employment-related concerns directly to the agency. They are your liaison with your temporary employer.

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