Four Advantages of Working with a Local Employment Firm

If you use a recruitment firm as you plan your next career move, it goes without saying that you want to partner with the best one in the business. And while your first thought may be to select a firm with global or even international reach, it’s a good idea to consider one that also offers a strong local presence.

You need the ideal balance of local roots, contacts and cultural knowledge, as well as industry-leading recruitment and HR experience. Here are four reasons why:

Efficiency of Service

Working with a local employment firm will save you time – and ultimately, time is money. The sooner you start a new position, then the sooner you will receive your paycheck.

  • A local firm has the advantage of an extensive business network with roots in your geographic area. This local market connection is invaluable, as they’ll hear first about lucrative openings as they occur.
  • You can’t beat being in close proximity when the time comes for a meeting. Or being able to meet your employment specialist face to face.

Benefits to Your Community

Whenever you work with a local company, you support your community and invest in its future.

  • Your employment firm has a vested interest in your region and its people. This contributes to high levels of cooperative and synergy and a shared desire to succeed.
  • Because of their knowledge of the area’s business culture, government, and development agencies, a local firm has a better read on issues that may impact you.
  • They need you just as much as you need them. If your experience with them is a good one, you’re likely to spread the word. And we all know that networking is the basis of long-term relationships and growth.

Quality of Service

Sometimes, job seekers assume that working with a national or global firm will result in higher quality of service. In reality, if a firm is reputable, the opposite is true.

  • Local staffing firms take pride in the service they provide every day, so you can be sure you’ll be more than satisfied. After all, you may run into your recruiter at the mall or when you’re out for drinks or Sunday brunch!
  • Typically, your local partner will have a natural interest in the community’s long-term health. Their leaders serve on local boards, and they support local causes. You can further cement your relationship with them by rallying for common passions – walking with them to raise dollars for medical research or calling them the next time you staff phones at a telethon for your town’s hospital.

Ease of Vetting

Before you sign on with an employment firm, research them carefully. This includes getting a good read on their service level, track record and reputation. Firms with a notable reputation typically are well known.

  • Local firms have a wide range of local references for you to contact.
  • You can pick up the phone and call your local Chamber of Commerce or Better Business Bureau office to obtain company information or find out if there ever have been complaints filed.

If you’re looking for the best employment firm to meet your needs, it may not be necessary to look very far. For more information, contact the expert recruiting team at Employment Professionals Canada.