New Survey Could Help Identify Gaps in Workforce

As an employer, you’re always on the lookout for ways to overcome and eliminate shortcomings in your workforce. An ongoing survey by the Eastern Ontario Training Board (EOTB) is designed to help you do just that.

The survey which launched on Nov. 1st, was designed as an instrument for gauging employability. A total of 800 employers in Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry are expected to participate, as the province considers using a similar tool across Ontario.

Developing a Community Action Plan

Employers who complete the online survey have an opportunity to identify their current occupational and skill requirements. Data gathered will be summarized by the EOTB and shared with employers, employer associations, educators and service providers. The broad objective stemming from this process is development of a community action plan designed to address workforce gaps and boost provincial economic development and job growth.

Assessing Your Workforce Issues

As you await the results of the training board survey, it’s a good time to consider the workforce challenges currently faced by your organization. Generally, these are driven by:

  • Changes related to your strategic plan: A change in your business model or the addition of a new business line could result in an unexpected shortcoming. Or, a reorganization or new agency performance standard may trigger a gap.
  • Environmental factors outside company control: These might include a labour supply shortage, a revenue shortfall, a government mandate or changes to your workforce demographics.
  • Demand for workforce maintenance or enhancement: These gaps are related to improving or managing any risks associated with your existing workforce. Examples would be an anticipated retirement bubble, training requirements, and factors related to performance planning cycles and business continuity work.

Watch for updates on the EOTB survey in the weeks ahead. To stay current with this and related workforce issues – and develop a plan for effectively addressing any shortcomings identified within your organization – read our related posts or contact the team at Employment Professionals Canada!