Confidence in Ontario Employment Outlook Takes a Hit – What This Means for Job Seekers

The Bloomberg Nanos Canadian Confidence Index posted its fourth straight drop the week ending February 7, declining from 56.6 to 56.0. Deteriorating consumer optimism has been reported in every province but Quebec effecting all age groups except 18 to 29 years of age, and those older than 60.

How can you keep your job search on track in a sluggish economy?

Finding a job when the economic outlook is gloomy can be challenging. Frequently well-paying jobs in industries like construction are the hardest hit. The youngest and the older job-seekers are often the first to feel the pinch. It may take some creative thinking to find your dream job in a highly competitive Ontario market.

Strategies to keep your search fresh:

Identify target companies or industries you have an interest in pursuing. Keep up with developments on their website or in the local media. Look for press releases detailing projected expansions, recently won contracts or new hires.

Network locally to determine who may be hiring and to establish contact with current or former employees. They may be able to offer insights that can give you a leg up on the competition for scarce job opportunities

Leverage the web. Make sure that your online presence is up-to-date. Blog or participate in discussion groups, both to showcase your expertise and to uncover hidden job opportunities. Create an online portfolio if your field calls for it. There potential employers can see your talent for themselves, lowering their hiring risk and enhancing your hireability.

Give your social media presence a once-over to be sure that anyone who looks you up online will see a professional, consistent image. Engage with fellow LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook users to share leads and job search tips.

Transfer your skills. Are you working in a field that seems to be dying? Analyze your skills to see if they can be transferred to a growing industry. List your skills and Google them to find fields that can use your expertise and may be hiring. Be willing to take a step back in pay or job title. Be willing to volunteer/intern in a new field if it can help your career in the long run. Thinking strategically is vital in a challenging job market

Temporary placements are a great way to try something new. Find a reputable staffing agency who can help you to package your experience to make you more attractive to employers. You can continue trying on different employment hats with your staffing partner, or get your foot in the door at a dream company.

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