How to be the Candidate Every Company Wants to Hire

Competition is stiff when you’re interviewing for a job. There will be myriad questions, but they all really boil down to one: Why should we hire you over the other candidates?

An interviewer’s job is to hire the best candidate for the position – and anyone who has made it as far as a personal interview is probably highly qualified. Your job is to sell yourself and your status by proving that you:

  • Can not only do the work, but deliver exceptional results.
  • Will fit in perfectly and be a great team addition.
  • Possess a unique combination of skills and experience that makes you stand out.
  • Will make the interviewer look good – and their life easier – as a result of selecting you.

Show How You Will Add Value

Ask not what your prospective employer can do for you – but rather, demonstrate what you can do to add value to their company and contribute to its ongoing success.

  • Don’t just tell, show. Research prospective employers thoroughly. Prior to your interview, assemble and bring a list of things you could do for the company. For instance, if you’re interviewing for a production or operations manager position, itemize lean improvements, quality control measures and safety initiatives that would address specific “pain points” that the company is experiencing. Offer sound ideas that save money and add productivity.
  • Tell a compelling story about your past accomplishments. Then make it even better by connecting them to ways you would help improve the organization once you’re on board.
  • Ask questions that reinforce your knowledge of and interest in the company. In addition to communicating what you bring to the job, this helps you confirm that the job will be right for you in the long run.

Start Working before You’re Hired

Breaking away from the competition to land a job takes much more than simply submitting your resume to a job board or company careers page. It begins with the unique brand you create via standout content and presentation – and continues throughout the hiring process.

  • Start with your social media presence. Bring your resume and LinkedIn platform to life by adding videos, photos or PowerPoint presentations detailing your achievements. Your content should immediately capture hiring managers’ attention and prove to your audience that you are the ideal candidate.
  • Do whatever you can to start “working” even before they make a hiring decision. It’s one thing to claim you could do the job. It’s quite another – more powerful – thing to prove it.

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