How to Master a Challenge (and Turn it Into Your Strength)

Every career will be filled with unique challenges. Everything from a fruitful job search to becoming an expert in your field’s latest technology or maintaining certifications is all part of a typical worker’s life. Successfully mastering these challenges on a regular basis remains one of the hallmarks of a great career.

Are you interested in a few tips for turning challenges into abilities and even strengths? Here are three steps to help you accomplish this:

Identify Your Weaknesses

Every professional has areas they can improve upon. Some may be obvious, like hard or technical skills, while others might be more subtle (like soft skills). While you may know a few of the exact areas you need to improve in, don’t be afraid to use previous performance review feedback or even direction from your manager.

Create a Plan to Master the Challenge

Once you have figured out where you need to improve, research what it will take to overcome the challenge. Do you need to seek additional training or certifications? Do your communication skills need finessing?

Research the most direct (or accessible) ways for you to master the challenge. For example, if you need additional certifications, find out where you can obtain this and register for a course. Need to work on your management techniques? Sign-up for an online management class or find a management peer to mentor you.

Seek Help From Others if You Need it

When encountering an especially difficult challenge, don’t hesitate to ask others for help as needed. If it is a technical issue, your manager or technical team lead is probably a great source for advice and encouragement. If it is career or job search related, ask your recruiter for input and how they might suggest overcoming your challenge.

Additionally, if putting together a winning resume and cover letter template before embarking on a job search is giving you fits, make it a point to talk with a knowledgeable recruiter in your area. Their meaningful insight might help you in earning a job offer from a top company.

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