20 Percent of Ontario Businesses are Looking to Hire – So How Can You Snag Top Talent?

The hiring outlook in Ontario is more optimistic than it’s been in a long time. A new survey bodes well for job creation this year in Ontario, noting that 20 percent of area employers are set to hire during the upcoming quarter while only 3 percent anticipate cutbacks. The remaining 77 percent expect their employment numbers to remain stable.

In the London region, this net hiring score of 17 percent was up from 3 percent in the same quarter of last year. The seasonally adjusted net score is 10 for all of Canada and 9 for the province. London added 5,000 jobs in December and January, compared to a gain of 8,500 for all of 2014.

It’s not about recruiting talent, it’s about attracting talent.

Top-performing candidates can pick and choose jobs in today’s market – and they’re lining up to work for companies who successfully attract them.

Here are some best practices:

  • Understand who the best employees are for you. Talent magnetism is about attracting the right people to work for your organization. Be very clear about the traits, competencies and personalities that characterize your most successful employees and seek them out in your new hires.
  • Get past hiring biases. For instance, don’t assume that just because a candidate is over age 50 that they’re not technically savvy. View every applicant with fresh eyes and an open mind to what they may be able to contribute.
  • Integrate demographic changes into your talent strategy. Succession planning is essential as baby boomers retire and members of younger generations rise through the ranks. Look at creative ways to engage millennials and keep them committed and loyal.
  • Be selective with promotions. Reward the right behavior with promotions. Provide opportunities for continued growth so employees can sharpen their skills and grow as leaders.
  • Build a trust-based culture. Foster a strong sense of inclusion and camaraderie. Senior leaders should make it a regular MO to interact with and get to know employees personally and participate in orientation, onboarding, training and recognition. Good leaders seek regular feedback from their employees on the workplace environment and related decisions. Because their opinions and ideas matter, employees feel more invested in their company and its success.

Implement a consistent talent attraction process.

Your talent acquisition process must be consistent, well planned and strategically conducted from start to finish.

  • Define exact job criteria. What specifically needs to get done and by when? You’re not just filling a position, you’re moving your business forward. How will success be measured? If you don’t have reasonable metrics, you won’t know whether a person is a top performer. Why would a person want this job? Include a personal message that tells what makes the position uniquely suited to their skills, personality and passions.
  • Treat candidates like customers. Make sure every single applicant is given a genuinely fair shot at being considered and that they receive timely follow up and closure, regardless of the outcome. Your goal is get each individual enthusiastically interested in joining your team, even if they’re not a good fit right now.
  • Move efficiently. When you find the right candidate, move quickly, before they get hired by the competition.

Consider partnering with a team of experts that specializes in custom talent acquisition solutions to improve your hiring success and achieve your ongoing organizational goals. Read our related posts or contact Employment Professionals Canada today.