Preparing for (and Executing) Your Summer Job Search

Research has shown that more than 60 percent of employers begin looking for summer job candidates by April, so they can adequately schedule and train their seasonal workers. Be proactive about your job plans for this summer by starting your search now. The best opportunities can be hard to come by, even in today’s improving economy.

The Advantages of Applying Early

By being among the first to apply for seasonal jobs, you show your desire for and interest in a position, as well as your strong organizational and planning skills. You also demonstrate that you take your work seriously and will be an asset to a hiring company.

  • Explore your options. Starting early gives you a better chance of landing the job that you really want. After this harsh winter, maybe you prefer to work outdoors and enjoy the warm weather. Also, consider your financial objectives. Do you want to make just enough money to enjoy the summer, or do you want to build your savings for the school year and your future plans?
  • Don’t be shy. Start asking your friends, relatives, teachers, past employers, and social media and personal connections if they need summer help or know anyone who does.
  • Make the time. Polish up your resume, brush up on your interview skills, and get started!

Internship Considerations

If you’re thinking about a summer internship, start contacting companies as soon as your resume and support materials are ready. HR managers have already begun to post internship information on their company websites.

  • Don’t be put off if you don’t see a listing for a specific opportunity. You can always contact a company HR representative and offer your services. This shows initiative, drive and creativity. Just remember to be prepared. Have your message points and questions ready for whomever you speak with on the phone.

The Personal Approach

If you want to work a summer job at a favorite restaurant, retail store or other local business, your best approach often is to go there and apply in person. If you’re out of town; for instance, away at school, look online for local newspaper ads or use job search engines such as When in doubt, make a phone call.

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