6 Ways to Reach Your Organizational Goals Through Staffing

In order to successfully reach your company’s short- and long-term goals, you need a strategic staffing plan that parallels your operating plan. iStock_000023552141_Large

You begin this process by identifying the unique core strengths of each individual team member and then formulating a staffing approach to develop these capabilities as well as address any critical talent gaps.

Here’s a look at six ways to achieve your goals, with a focus on effective staffing and talent management:

Don’t just be an employer, be a coach.

Create an environment of coaching and mentoring. Ensure that managers at all levels know how to coach properly. Those with the most success are approachable and are active listeners. They are growth facilitators who guide employees as needed.

Align staffing with strategic business goals planning.

Your talent acquisition and management plan should align with your company vision, as well as the specific SMART goals outlined in your operational roadmap. As HR or talent manager, you should have a seat at the C-suite table as these strategies are developed.

Remember: SMART stands for “specific, measurable, achievable, realistic” and “timely.”

Make motivation, recognition and retention high priorities.

Prioritize employee recognition and the result will be a positive, productive, innovative organizational climate. Thank employees privately and publicly. You will encourage more of the behavior and thinking that make your business successful.

Optimize organization and productivity.

Continually review, reinvent and reinvest in the resources – including human capital – that will keep your company competitive and visible. List your short-term and long-term goals and time frames for meeting them. Invite input from involved personnel.

Streamline or outsource tasks to save time and money, and replace outdated processes and technology.

Develop a robust performance appraisal system.

Conducting regular performance appraisals is a key aspect of effectively managing your human capital. It’s one of the few times during the year that you can have a lengthy discussion with your employees about all aspects of their jobs. This includes setting goals, as well as giving and receiving critical feedback. The outcome of a successful performance review is greater satisfaction for both employee and employer and ultimately, higher productivity.

Promote team building.

Teams that work as a unit are more productive than their segregated counterparts. Foster goodwill and teamwork among your employees and the ROI will soon be evident.

Team building allows employees to experience a sense of accomplishment by working as a cohesive group to meet a challenging goal or complete a business-critical project. Barriers between individuals are broken, and relationships are cultivated. When they go back to their regular work, they’re ready and willing to help one another achieve both individual and organizational goals.

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