5 Ways to Deal With Job Rejection

Dealing with rejection in your job search can be very difficult, especially if it happens repeatedly. Most job hunts involve a long, tiring process – and it’s common for fatigue or disillusionment to set in. Therapists have affirmed that job rejection can lead to as much depression as being jilted in a personal relationship.

How do you survive rejection and go on to prosper in your job search efforts?

Don’t take it personally.

Never use an interview as a measure of your professional worth. The hiring process at most companies is difficult to gauge and typically out of your control. Just because you weren’t hired does not mean you were unqualified for the position. It was likely the result of a variety of factors, versus a fault of your own.

Ask for feedback.

Many employers refrain from sharing solid feedback after interviews, but there’s no harm in asking for some constructive criticism. You may get information that will prove helpful in the future, as well as erase any doubt as to why you didn’t get an offer.

  • Find out what you could have done to be a stronger candidate. While you’re in touch with your interviewer, thank them for their time. Never slam that door or burn a bridge. There may be opportunities for future work, and you’ll impress them by handling the situation with poise, class and maturity.

Focus on your strengths.

Once rejected, it’s easy to blame yourself and find fault with your resume, your interview prowess, or even your wardrobe or personality. Don’t beat yourself up. Instead, focus on your strengths and what went right.

  • Identify opportunities that you’re truly passionate about. This passion will show through in future interviews. Pick up the pieces, dust yourself off and keep building toward success.

Know that you’re not alone.

More candidates are turned down for jobs than are hired. Once you accept this fact, you can move on and focus on your next opportunity. Stay in touch with friends and supporters, both online and in person, to keep your spirits up and your perspective accurate.

Keep a positive attitude.

The best way to deal with rejection is to keep an upbeat attitude and a smile on your face. Turn each “no” into a self-improvement experience. Accept it and move on. Use that “no” into extra energy to helping you land your dream job. Because it’s out there – and you will.

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