3 Reasons to Consider Partnering with a Recruiting Firm

When you have a critical position to fill, your goal is to hire the best talent available, in the shortest amount of time.

Here are three reasons why a specialized recruiting firm is your best option:

Access to Passive Candidates

The best talent typically does not conduct an active job search, but recruiting firms know where they are. Passive candidates are those in the top 5 to 10 percent of their profession. They do not read help wanted ads or search job boards. They do, however, work with the best recruiting firms.

  • Identifying and approaching passive candidates is not easy, but the best recruiters do it every day. Many already represent them, as top-notch candidates gravitate toward top-notch firms.

Specialized Expertise

A niche recruiting firm – one that knows your specific business needs – can be a tremendous asset in boosting your talent sourcing and retention success.

  • Your recruiting firm should provide industry-specific guidance throughout the hiring process. You need a recruiter who will stay on top of current market trends and industry developments.
  • The right recruiter will increase the likelihood that your offer will be accepted. Once candidates are found to match your job requirements, your recruiting firm will highlight the benefits and advantages of the position and emphasize why it is the right fit for them. As a result, candidates will be more likely to accept your job offer.
  • Avoid hiring mistakes. Your recruiter will provide an objective analysis of a candidate and then help you to screen them against your hiring requirements. If necessary, your anonymity will be preserved throughout the process.

Time Management

Time is money. When you partner with a recruiting firm, you can free up your time to do what you do best, which is run your business.

  • Minimize the length of time a position stays open. Keeping key positions open for extended periods of time is very costly. Not only is nobody in the job, but other employees have to pick up the slack. And your HR staff is overburdened, which further hampers overall company productivity and profitability.
  • The real costs of an open position can be enormous. In profitable organizations, an employee generates three to five times their annual salary in value. Do the math: If a $70,000 job is open for just one month, it equates to $18,000 to $30,000 that your company will never see again.

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