Four Ways to Get More out of Your Career

Career advancement – whether it’s finding your first job out of school, transitioning to a new industry, or advancing up the corporate ladder – is not a solitary pursuit. On the contrary, the key to your success is building an arsenal of tools, resources and contacts that will serve you throughout your professional life.

Consider a Mentor

A seasoned colleague who is willing to share their wisdom, a mentor is the “go-to” person you need as you ride the career roller coaster. Benefits of building a mentor relationship include:

  • Objective feedback: A mentor is not there simply to validate your perceptions of yourself. They will be honest and reflect back on what they see and what you can do to improve and get ahead, in a constructive manner.
  • A “safe zone” in the working world: There may be sensitive issues – especially if you’re considering a job change – that are difficult to discuss with your boss or colleagues. Your mentor will listen and will offer a fresh, objective perspective.
  • Contacts: Your mentor can help you score coveted invitations to industry events and introduce you to influential people within your field. They may alert you to job opportunities that only someone in their position would be privy to.

Join a Professional Group

Joining a professional organisation is an excellent move for anyone serious about advancing their business or career. Benefits include:

  • Key insights when starting a career or entering a new field: You’ll learn how an industry works and how to navigate it. Groups offer continuous professional development programs.
  • Networking opportunities: At programs, meetings and conferences, you’ll have chances to mix and mingle. Your professional group may participate in or host job fairs where you can make connections with hiring and HR managers. Your group also may offer listings posted exclusively by other members.

Tap Into Industry Resources

Find the best sources within your chosen industry so you can keep current and stay informed. This is invaluable from a leadership and career development perspective. As a result, you will:

  • Make better decisions. Industry groups, publications and online resources can help you to spot threats and opportunities early on, giving you a competitive edge. This is especially critical if you plan to contribute to a company’s strategy – and who doesn’t?
  • Build your expertise. This not only enhances your skills and qualifications, it also helps you to earn the trust and respect of hiring managers and decision makers.

Partner with a Recruiter

Your recruiter is your best ally in getting your resume to the top of a hiring manager’s pile. Partner with them to:

  • Make the cut. If you match the qualifications of a job, your recruiter will put you into a smaller pool of candidates for a job. They know hiring managers personally and can help set your resume apart from that large, growing, faceless pile on the HR office desk.
  • Benefit from free coaching and guidance. Recruiters’ fees are paid by hiring companies. They will promote your strengths and assets as they present your resume to potential employers – providing no-cost strategic direction throughout the interview and hiring process.
  • Get the inside track on jobs. Many companies keep their most prized jobs out of public view. But recruiters are in the loop.

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