Is Your Interview Presence Costing You Job Opportunities?

It only takes about 10 seconds to make a first impression – and that impression will be forever imprinted in the minds of anyone who interviews you for a job. So, you need to make an immediate positive impact, which sets the tone for the meeting to follow.

Strike up an “executive presence” – that feeling you have when you walk into a room and feel confident and in control, as though everyone is noticing you for all the right reasons.

Be Prepared

You cannot over-prepare for an interview. Thoroughly research the company and the position. Your confidence will increase tenfold if you walk in ready for the questions you’ll be asked – as well as the information you need to glean from the meeting.

  • Garner as much background information as possible. Start with the employer’s website, but don’t stop there. Google the company, search its social media sites, and learn all you can about pertinent news and developments. In addition to boosting your readiness, this will impress interviewers.
  • Practice makes perfect. Based on your research, compile some questions that you think may arise during your interview. Rehearse your responses with a trusted friend or a video camera. Be sure your responses are concise and enthusiastic.
  • Line up questions of your own. You may want to ask about growth opportunities and challenges within the company, the specific tasks and expectations of the job, and how your performance would be evaluated.

Dress for Success

Be sure your attire and appearance project the right image, right from the start. Try to get an idea of company dress code and keep your look professional, classy and on the conservative side.

  • If in doubt, consider consulting with a recruiter or stylist to put the right outfit together. It depends on the specific employer. For instance, a creative job at a trendy ad or marketing agency will have a very different “look” than a position at a conservative law firm or financial institution.

Mind Your Body Language

Hold yourself high, walk and talk with authority, look interviewers in the eye, and deliver your messages with clarity and confidence. If you believe in yourself and show it, others will follow suit.

  • This includes your 60-second “elevator speech.” This is a brief statement that tells who you are and why you are exactly right for a job. Practice your elevator speech along with interview questions.

Your interview presence can make or break your chances of landing a job. The specialised recruiters at Employment Professionals Canada can partner with you to build your job-search strategy and maximize your probability of success. To learn more, read our related posts or contact us today.