Are You Faced with Jobs You Can’t Fill? Here’s What to Do

Do you have impossible-to-fill positions and you’re not sure what to do? Is productivity suffering because of critical vacancies? If what you’re currently doing isn’t working, it’s time to take a different approach. Here are a few ideas to improve your hiring results.

Re-think your job postings.

Sometimes you really have to sell a job to potential applicants. Are you posting dry, boring job descriptions? Treat each like a marketing piece (because that’s what they are). What’s great about working for your company? What unique rewards does the position offer? It’s up to you to make people want to apply for the job. Think about how to engage your target audience.

Improve your process.

Does it take you too long to respond to candidates? Do you fail to communicate next steps to them in the hiring process? Are you slow to let them know where they stand? Candidates will only wait so long before moving on to the next opportunity. The ones you lose are those most highly in demand – and it’s likely that you’ll lose them to a competitor.

Choose better interviewers.

Many organizations allow completely untrained people to interview; managers who grab a resume just moments before entering the office and tune out while the candidate responds to “tell me about yourself.” They will ask “gotcha” questions designed to show that they are smarter than the applicant or worse yet, illegal questions that can put your company at risk.

Have realistic expectations.

Does that position really require a graduate-level degree and five years experience? Are you willing to pay a premium for it? Think about the actual job requirements and the skills, education and experience your current employees brought to the table. If you hired your best person straight out of high school, why look for advanced degrees now?

Develop a talent management strategy.

Think about what kind of talent you want to bring on board long before you need it. Identify people who would be a great fit for your business and start a conversation with them. Consider creating jobs for really choice professionals, or just stay in touch for the day the right opening comes up.

Work with recruiting experts.

At Employment Professionals Canada, we excel at identifying and attracting top prospects for even the most difficult to fill positions. If what you’ve been doing simply isn’t working, trust the experts to get the job done while you concentrate on your business. Contact the specialized recruiters at Employment Professionals Canada today.