Delegation: The Key to Effective Daily Management and Strategic Recruitment

The best leaders are effective delegators. This is especially true when it comes to an investment as high risk and high reward as the recruitment of new talent. It can be scary to turn over control to others – but by delegating aspects of your hiring process, you reap the maximum reward on that investment.

Final hiring decisions need to be yours, with buy-in from your key leaders and your full team. But effective delegation will help get you there. Be sure to lay out clear expectations, communicate and establish how progress will be measured, offer insight and assistance, and hold people accountable. With the right support, it will all reflect positively on you, your company and its employment brand.

What You Can – and Should – Delegate

By developing an ongoing partnership with a staffing agency that specializes in your industry, you lay the foundation for recruitment success. Among the areas in which your staffing partner can optimize your success are:

  • Drafting job descriptions: Let your staffing firm draft job descriptions based on your input. In today’s job market, you need job descriptions that are as accurate, objective and compelling as possible. Getting expert help can be invaluable.
  • Sourcing: You are an expert at doing your job. In the same vein, your recruiting firm knows all there is to know about sourcing ideal candidates, including passive talent. It is literally what they do for a living. Let them run with it; among other pluses, this frees you up to get the rest of your day-to-day work done.
  • Screening candidates: You could spend as much as 60 to 80 percent of your hiring time screening out weak candidates, or let your recruiter handle it for you. They can comb through piles of resumes, do phone screens and even handle first-round interviews, as appropriate. This leaves you the cream of the crop. You can dedicate your time and attention to only the most high-leverage uses.
  • Negotiating and sealing deals: Here again, you are in the driver’s seat. However, your recruiting firm can lend their expertise and objectivity as you walk the tightrope to securing your top candidates.

The recruitment experts at Employment Professionals Canada can help as you develop your ongoing strategies to secure top talent – whether it’s on your shop floor, in your executive suite, or at any level in between. Contact us today to learn more about partnership options designed for high-performance talent acquisition and high-impact business results.