How to Manage Summer Time-off Requests and Maintain Staffing Numbers

Summer is nearly here, and the warmer spring weather and sunny days mean that workers are being inspired to turn in their requests for vacation time now.  Digging out from beneath the pile of requests in a way that keeps staff happy while still keeping sufficient team members in the office can be tough.  Here’s how to manage those summer time-off requests without decimating your staffing numbers:

  1. Stay organized. Is your PTO system clear and easy to manage? If not, it’s easy to find yourself granting too many requests for the same week off, or losing someone’s paperwork altogether.  A clear and easily managed system also helps staff get their requests in promptly and lets them see that you are processing them fairly and efficiently – making them more likely to agree to a compromise or modification if needed.
  2. Share the load with managers. When managers filter their team’s requests, it can help take the burden off the HR department to sort everyone’s demands while still ensuring that each manager has the people needed to keep work moving steadily and to finish any major projects. Ask managers to collect and evaluate PTO requests before forwarding them to human resources.
  3. Bring some summer fun into the office. Help lighten the mood for those working by bringing some summer fun into the office. A Friday barbecue lunch tradition, a “happy hour” for ice cream and Popsicles, or even switching to a “summer’s greatest hits” playlist on the office Muzak can all lift workers’ spirits and help them stay productive instead of giving in to absenteeism.
  4. Work with your recruiter to find qualified temp help. Temporary staff can fill in for those who will be out of the office during the summer, allowing you to maintain your business’s momentum even during the summer rush. Work with your staffing firm now to set up your plan for temp help, so you’ll have the people you need when you need them.

At Employment Professionals Canada, our experienced recruiters can help you find the qualified temporary staff you need to stay productive even during the summer vacation season or during a summer seasonal rush.  Contact us today to learn more about our staffing services in the Niagara Region.