Beyond the Basics: Interview Questions You Should Prepare For

Your effective response to interview questions requires a depth of confidence and self-awareness that clearly communicates your work style, passions and vision. Here are some tips to follow as you address questions that go beyond the basics and separate serious contenders from candidates who will be eliminated from the final cut.

Remember: Regardless of the question, always avoid clichés and focus on specific details that fit the position and the company.

About Your Work Style

When asked to describe your work style, emphasize:

  • Your speed and accuracy: If you work quickly and efficiently, provide examples of this, especially if the job requires meeting tight deadlines. At the same time, impress your interviewer with your competency and accuracy. Describe the methods you apply to avoid making errors.
  • How much you value teamwork: Even if you prefer working alone, most jobs require at least some collaboration. Talk about the importance of your fellow team members and other stakeholders as you work together towards desired results.
  • Your communication skills: Talk about the two-way street that signifies robust communication on the job. Discuss how you interrelate with co-workers, managers and customers. (Don’t forget: Even if the job does not involve external customer contact, those who work down- and upstream from you represent an internal customer base that must be satisfied.)

Bring Your Mission and Vision

Nothing is more important to your personal brand than a clear expression of your dedication, passion and vision. Prospective employers need to know that your vision aligns with theirs before they can seriously consider hiring you.

  • Your vision is a big, bold goal that showcases your aspirations and career plans. It gives direction to your work and your job choices.
  • Develop a personal mission statement. Communicate it during your interviews. Having a clear and powerful goal helps a hiring manager see how you fit their organization.

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