6 Job Searching Secrets Ontario Job Candidates Need to Know

Whether you’re just launching your career or you’re an experienced professional seeking a change for the better, there are many tips that prove valuable as you fine-tune your job search strategy. Here are six to keep in mind.

Know the job description.

When you have identified a position that interests you, study the job description carefully. Familiarize yourself with all aspects of it – including keywords. Then, you can tailor your cover letter and resume accordingly.

A recruiter or applicant tracking system will spend just seconds on the initial scan of your materials. Make it simple for either one to connect your qualifications and accomplishments with the open job.

Network on- and offline.

Find and establish relationships with influencers; people working at targeted companies or in your chosen field, who can help you get ahead.

90 percent of recruiters use LinkedIn as their primary search tool. Optimize your profile, join conversations, and cast your net wide as you reach out to connections at all levels. In addition, strategize how to best network on other social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and others.

Get on the radar of influencers, offline as well as online. Join a professional organization and become active at events and on committees. Set up informational interviews. Make yourself visible by setting and exceeding networking goals as part of your comprehensive search process.

Stay in touch with your contacts.

Keep members of your professional network in the loop. Let them know where you stand, and offer to help them out just as they have gone the extra mile for you.

Give something back. For instance, you could offer to volunteer for a contact’s favorite charity as a means of showing appreciation for the interview they helped set up.

Make it timely. The speed with which you send a thank-you note or express your appreciation makes a difference – as does the quality of your response. Personalize every note you write.

Always be professional.

Whether you’re at a networking event, job fair, interview or even an informal meeting, showcase your professionalism and be your best self. First impressions leave an indelible mark.

Be patient and polite. Properly shake hands and introduce yourself. Address each person by title and last name, unless an event is informal. Then, you can use a first name. Be assertive, but not aggressive or arrogant.

Dress the part. Do some research and determine the level of attire that is appropriate before you embark on any job-related encounter.

Find a mentor.

A mentor is someone with more experience under their belt who is willing to show you the ropes so you can follow in their footsteps. Having a mentor can help you make positive, informed decisions. Your mentor/mentee relationship can make a major difference between success and failure as you advance your career.

Work with a specialized career expert.

Partnering with a professional recruiter can help you to not only find the right match in your next job, but set direction for your long-term career strategy. Choose a niche firm that specializes in your industry and capitalize on their contacts, knowledge and expertise. To learn more, contact Employment Professionals Canada or search our open jobs in Ontario today!