What Job Growth Numbers Really Mean to Ontario Job Seekers

Statistics Canada recently released the latest job numbers and what they say about the job market is not inspiring. They show that Ontario’s job market was virtually unchanged; with little to no difference to the number of jobs available in June.

But is that what actually happened?

Not really.

The harsh reality of the information released by Stats Canada tells an entirely different story if you really look at them.

Nationwide, higher-paying resource and manufacturing jobs were lost only to be replaced by an almost equal number of lower-paying service industry positions.

Employment in higher-paying sectors, such as manufacturing and oil patch, actually shrank by more than 46,000 jobs. Lower-paying positions, including hotel service, house cleaning, and fast-food vacancies grew by close to 46,000.

So while on paper data is saying the number of jobs remained the same, the quality and earning potential of these positions dropped drastically.

And July was even worse: Ontario took the brunt of a market unemployment rate that jumped nationally to 6.9 percent (from 6.8 percent in June). Stats Canada reported Ontario lost 36,000 positions in July, the first significant decline since September 2015.

The sector feeling the hit the worst? The sector categorically considered ‘blue collar.’ With the bulk of those blue collar employees being male, the decline is having a keen impact on men currently looking for work.

What does that mean for job seekers?

With full-time jobs disappearing at an alarming rate, the competition for any new vacancy raises significantly. Today, job seekers outnumber vacancies 4-to-1. So, how do you stand out from the crowd? Below are four things you can do to set yourself apart from the competition.

Start With Your Network

Did you know that roughly 75 percent of all jobs are found through an applicant knowing someone? In other words, networking. Word-of-mouth referrals from current employees can help you find out about employment opportunities before the competition ever hears about them.

Refresh Your Resume

Recruiters are busy, sometimes reviewing close to 100 resumes in a day. That means you have a small amount of time to make a really big impression. Make your resume easy to read and free from clutter. Bold company names, job titles, and dates. Use your resume to show accomplishments and on-the-job achievements.

Write a Great Cover Letter

Include a compelling cover letter for every application you submit. A cover letter is the opportunity to show why you’re the best person for the position. Research the company and the vacancy, and customize your letter. If you can help the hiring manager understand how you’ll contribute to their organization, it will be easier for them to see you in that role.

Partner With a Specialized Staffing Agency

Not every job available is posted on a job board. In fact, some of the best jobs are never advertised. By partnering with a specialized staffing partner, you can apply for jobs that have less competition, which makes it easier for you to stand out. A staffing partner can also be a great resource for helping a potential company get to know you, before they meet you. It’s like having a professional cheerleader to show off your best skills and abilities.

Getting hired in the current job market can seem overwhelming. If you’re ready to find your next great job, check out the opportunities on our job board. Ready to submit an application? Talk to the specialized staffing team at Employment Professionals Canada. Let their diverse professional network and proven track record grow your career.