Employment Professionals Canada Celebrates 25 Years of Business

Employment Professionals Canada is proud to be celebrating 25 years of business. Since the company started in 1992, the country and economy have changed and Employment Professionals Canada has kept pace to provide the solutions to meet ever changing needs.

The Beginnings and Growth of Employment Professionals Canada

Twenty-five years ago, several key things were taking place:

  • Brian Mulroney is the Prime Minister of Canada
  • Bob Rae is the Premier of Ontario
  • The referendum endorsing the creation of Nunavut is successful
  • NAFTA is signed
  • Michael Ondaatje’s, “The English Patient” is the first Canadian in history to win the Booker Prize
  • The Tragically Hip release their third album, “Fully Completely”
  • And, Marina and Ron Butler Sr. open Erie Personnel Corporation, an employment agency with a focus on local placements

Twenty-five years later, Marina continues to build on Ron’s memory and legacy putting clients and employees first alongside professional excellence; a guiding principle for the firm since day one.

From Erie Personal Corporation to Employment Professionals Canada

When Marina and Ron first opened the doors to Erie Personnel Corporation, they focused largely on temporary and contract staffing in the Niagara region. But before long, the company grew to include providing general human resources expertise, including consulting services. No longer a local-only focus, Employment Professionals Canada had clients and businesses reaching out to them from across the country and selected parts of the United States. In 2012, Erie Personnel Corporation changed its name to Employment Professionals Canada, reflecting the firm’s growing expertise and national demands.

Strategic Solutions

With its broader search, Employment Professionals Canada was quick to establish itself as an authority on providing strategic solutions, whether looking to create a more strategic approach to Human Resources or find that next superstar employee.

By taking the time to fully understand not only client needs, but their background, history and business goals, Employment Professionals Canada has become the preeminent recruiting resource in the region.

Keenly focused on helping job seekers find their next great opportunities, Employment Professionals Canada was committed to the long-term success of their candidates, working to place them in some of the most respected businesses in North America.

Happy 25th Anniversary Employment Professionals Canada!

April 2 marks the start of a year filled with events, including 25 new, enterprising and fun experiences they can’t wait to share.

A Journey 25 Years in the Making

“We’re grateful you continue to join us on this exciting journey, and for your support and partnership with us,” said Marina, adding that celebrating Employment Professionals Canada’s 25th anniversary is “an opportunity to thank our clients and employees for helping us grow and become stronger. We couldn’t do it without you!”

Business owner. Recruiting and staffing expert. Community leader. HR Consultant. Health and Safety Consultant. Published author. Marina Butler wears many hats. But all are underscored by her goal to help businesses and candidates reach their goals. No one makes it to the top alone. You need great partners beside you. Employment Professionals Canada is the partner you need to achieve the success you want.