Sexism in the Ontario Workplace

Whether managers or employees realize it or not, sexism and a lack of equality in the workplace are still present in today’s businesses. Subtle comments or unrealized double standards can hold your workplace back.

Harassment and discrimination based on gender are not only harmful to employees but damage the company overall. One of the most important – and often the most challenging – tasks for HR departments is to prevent sexism from occurring the Ontario workplace.

Preventative Measure for the Ontario Workplace

The best way to address discrimination and harassment in the workplace is to stop it before it starts.

Develop a clear discrimination and harassment policy for the workplace.

Along with the creation of an anti-harassment policy make sure the company policy is distributed throughout the organization. It’s also a great idea to include information on your policy with all new-hire materials, making it clear from the start that inappropriate actions or comments will not be tolerated.

Set up clear policies and procedures for filing complaints.

It’s vital that every employee knows exactly what to do if they experience, or witness, any type of inappropriate activity or communication within the company. Additionally, a well-defined policy and process detailing how to investigate and resolve all complaints filed will foster a safe working environment for everyone.


Provide on-the-job or off-site training for all employees from executive managers to the most junior support staff is a valuable tool for reducing the instances of sexism in Ontario workplaces. By ensuring that all employees of the company understand their responsibilities when it comes to preventing workplace harassment and discrimination from occurring, and what they need to do if they witness it, you’ll be setting your company up for success.

Use a Staffing Partner

Partnering with a specialized staffing partner is an easy way to ensure the hiring process is free from accidental or inadvertent experiences that might leave your company open to investigation or misinterpretation. When you’re under the protective umbrella of the staffing agency, your company is better positioned to focus on preboarding of new hires, rather than spend countless hours brushing up on the latest rules and interpretations of the Ontario Human Rights Commission.

Because Employment Professionals Canada are recruitment specialists in Ontario, we are leaders when it comes to understanding all the aspects of the OHRC, its policies, and its guidelines.

If you’re looking to hire new employees, don’t inadvertently put your company at risk because you thought you understood the OHRC’s latest policy interpretation. Let the human resource policy experts at Employment Professionals Canada protect you while we find your next superstar. Contact the team today.