When You Can’t Find a Job in Ontario: What You Need To Know

Whether you’re ready to look for new challenges or find yourself suddenly unemployed, finding a job doesn’t happen overnight.

Looking for a new job can be one of the most frustrating and stressful things you’ll ever do. And it can feel even worse if you’re looking for work in southwestern Ontario, where the population is high and every job notice get multiple applications.

But what if you’ve already sent out hundreds of applications and you still haven’t booked your first interview? Don’t despair. It doesn’t mean you won’t find a job. But it might mean you need to review a couple of things.

Your Resume

If you’re sending out the same resume you created to get your last job, chances are it needs an update. Even with a strong work history and great references, if your resume is out-of-date, you won’t get much attention. For best results make sure your resume has your contact information – name, email address, phone number and address – in an easily visible space. You’d be surprised to learn how many people forget this simple, but critical step. Put your most current work experience at the top and work. Be sure to include keywords from the job posting in your resume as well. (This will help with the computer-automated screening of your resume.)

Direct Apply

Did you send your resume to a company you’ve always wanted to work for, but they didn’t respond? While not impossible to break in, it can be difficult to get your foot in the door of a business or organization without a personal recommendation or other connection to their industry.  Sometimes, especially when you’re applying to an open vacancy, the hiring managers are inundated with resumes; they simply don’t have the time to connect personally with each applicant.

Partnering With a Specialized Recruiter

A recruitment agency, like the industry experts at Employment Professionals Canada, can not only help you update your resume they can provide:

Valuable Market Insight

Because they spend their days engaged in conversations with leading industry professionals, specialized recruiters are always up-to-date on industry trends and growth areas. They can help you understand how your application will stack up against others in your industry with comparable skills or experience, and how to best position your application to get attention.

Hidden Job Market Access

Did you know the best jobs are rarely – if ever – posted on a job board? That’s because many industry leaders don’t want to announce their vacancies publicly. They’d be swamped with hundreds, sometimes thousands, of resumes. Instead, they often turn to specialized recruiters to bring in a select few of the best candidates. Less competition for you means improved chances you’ll have success.

If you’re curious about current opportunities, the professionals at Employment Professionals Canada are waiting to talk to you! Don’t delay – get in touch today. Our recruiters could be working on your dream job right this minute.