2018 Ontario Recruiting Trends

Success in business is much more than having capital, an innovative product or service, or top-notch marketing. While those are crucial elements in the success of any business, there is one element that often gets overlooked but is easily among the most crucial – having the right employees.  However, ask any hiring manager and they’ll tell you that task is easier said than done.

So how does a company ensure they are making the most of their hires? For starters, it is prudent to view recruitment, not as a static practice, but one that is ever-changing, and to stay in the forefront, it is imperative that organizations change with it. So, what are some of these changes? Glad you asked, here are some of latest Ontario recruiting trends for 2018.

Predictive Analytics

Hiring top-tier talent can be a lengthy, arduous and usually expensive process, and as any seasoned hiring manager can tell you, it is no guarantee you have made the right choice. Fortunately, technology is here to help mitigate that risk. Predictive analytics, simply put, is a means of using data collected from past or current employees to accurately predict future job performance, removing much of the guesswork from new hires.

Remote Work

Every day more companies are realizing there are some serious advantages that come with offering remote work. While once viewed as a perk for the employee, employers are taking note that this flexible work option can improve employee satisfaction, reduce unscheduled absences, increase productivity, save money, cut down on wasted meetings and significantly open up the potential talent pool when the location is a non-factor.

Continuous Learning

The notion of in-house training and advancement is an ever-growing trend with organizations realizing that some of the best talent they can attract is the talent they already have. Learning and development are crucial to not only ensure your workers have the highest skills and knowledge, but also allows them to adapt to changing roles within the company.

Partnering With a Workplace and Recruiting Expert

As we mentioned, the recruitment process isn’t static, rather ever-changing, which is why it is so important to partner with experts who are aware of all the latest trends and best practices to help navigate your organization through the process. Recruiters understand the value of top-tier talent and can not only help you attract it, but help you implement strategies to ensure your organization is always ahead of the curve when it comes to hiring.

In order to succeed and grow, an organization needs to not only attract, but retain the best talent. Partnering with Employment Professionals Canada can help ensure your business finds that talent quickly and easily, allowing you to focus on what you do best – your business. Contact us today to learn how we can start working for you.