Busted: The Myths Surrounding Staffing Agencies

With the rise of technology, the way we look for jobs has changed immensely.

There was a time when you could pound the pavement, looking for ‘help wanted, enquire within’ signs.

Nowadays, job seekers on the hunt for their next big opportunity are greeted by a sign telling them to ‘apply online.’

It’s hard not to feel dismayed, and discouraged as you electronically submit your resume to an employer.

How do you know your resume will stand out after it’s disappeared into a sea of other resumes? After you hit that send button, you see the same response as everyone else: “Thanks, we’ve received your e-mail. We’ll contact qualified candidates.  ”

And then it’s time to move onto applying for the next opportunity.

Have you thought about using an employment agency to help land your next work gig, but changed your mind because of something you’ve heard unflattering about staffing services?

The staffing industry has been around for decades, and is growing in popularity among job seekers.  More and more people looking for rewarding opportunities are turning to staffing services to find employment.

But, myths and misconceptions about the staffing industry still seem to exist despite this, and some people believe staffing companies are a last resort.

We want to dispel those myths about using employment services because the sooner we dispel them, the sooner you can get to work.

Myth: Staffing agencies are only good for temp jobs

Fact: There are many staffing agencies that work with all kinds of companies to find candidates for a variety of positions, and even specialize in specific fields such as IT and technology, healthcare and senior level positions, just to name a few. A recruiter can help you find temporary, part-time, full-time and permanent positions that help advance your career.

Myth: Assignments only last a few weeks

Fact: Some assignments can last for a day, a week, or a few months. Staffing agencies have access to a large database consisting of a variety of jobs. That means there is something for everyone, whether they are looking for a temporary assignment, or something more long-term. If you talk to a recruiter, he or she can help you find a job that’s right for you. 

Myth: They don’t have jobs I’d be interested in

Fact: Staffing agencies offer a multitude of jobs in a variety of fields in industries across Canada. There’s everything from administrative jobs, to manual labour, positions in information technology, accounting, finance, sales, marketing and other specialized fields. The sky is the limit. All you must do is talk to a recruiter to learn more about what’s out there.

Myth: They wouldn’t understand my industry

Fact: A staffing agency has extensive hiring experience in a variety of industries. They can optimize your chances of landing a great job you might not have even thought to look for.

Myth: Staffing agencies only help someone entering the workforce

Fact: A staffing agency is helpful for people new to the workforce looking to gain experience, but are not exclusive to newcomers. Recruiters are looking for experienced personnel in positions that can lead the way to greater career opportunities.

Myth: I’ll be charged a fee

Fact: There’s no cost involved for job seekers. Companies hire staffing agencies because they have access to a lot of talented candidates with the skills and knowledge they need.  Companies that use a staffing agency don’t mind paying a small fee to find hardworking people.

Myth: They don’t pay employees well

Fact: Fact: The truth is staffing agencies have an arsenal of experts able to market an employee’s skills and talents to companies that want to hire people. The staffing agency can help negotiate a salary or wage that meets, and in some cases, exceed industry standards.

Myth: They’ll take a cut from my pay cheque

Fact: If you’re hired through a staffing agency, you keep every penny of your hard-earned pay cheque. You don’t owe anything to a staffing agency for helping you land a job.

Myth: It takes too long to get paid once you are hired

Fact: The staffing agency is responsible for paying employees they send to work for a company. That means when you’re hired by a staffing agency, they will put you on their payroll and you’ll be given the wages you’re entitled to for the hours you worked during their payroll period.

Myth: Working with an agency will hurt my job search

Fact: Working with an agency can help you find jobs that you might not otherwise know about because they have working relationships with a lot of different companies in many different industries.  That means they know about new job postings before they ever even hit traditional job boards.

Myth: Working with a staffing agency won’t look good on my resume

Fact: If you have large gaps in your resume, a staffing agency can find temp jobs that allow you to highlight the skills and experience you’ve acquired while working with a variety of different companies. Working with a staff agency shows an employer you’re determined, reliable and flexible—All great skills to have on your resume.

Myth: Using multiple agencies will increase my chances of being hired

Fact: Not true. If the same employer receives multiple copies of your resume from different agencies, the chances of your resume being disregarded by employers is likely. It’s better to choose one agency, and build a strong relationship with the team to increase your chances of obtaining successful employment.

Myth: Staffing agencies don’t ensure I have the proper training for the job

Fact: Staffing agencies work diligently to ensure employees have the required skills and certifications needed for a job. They carefully review applicants’ resumes, perform background checks, and vet candidates before ever introducing them to employers. A good recruiter makes sure to find the right employee for the job—every time

Myth: I only need to submit my resume and that’s it

Fact: The work has just begun when you submit a resume to a staffing agency. Recruiters want to ensure they have best candidate for a job, so that means candidates must be prepared for formal background checks, interviews and skills testing when required following the initial application. You can’t leave the success of your job search solely to the recruiter.

Myth: I only need to use a staffing agency to land a job

Fact: A staffing agency is a great tool to use when looking for a job, however, it should be one of many tools in your tool box. You should continue to be proactive in your search. Job hunters are actively engaged in their job search right from the beginning.

Myth: They don’t care about job satisfaction

Fact: The success of a staffing agency depends largely on clients’ success, so they don’t skip a beat when it comes to matching employees with the right employers and ensuring both parties are satisfied.

So now that you know some of the myths surrounding the staffing industry, you can use this knowledge to help you during your next job search. The landscape of business is constantly changing; however, the need for the right staff will always be in demand. Discover the difference of partnering with trusted and experienced staffing professionals – contact Employment Professionals Canada and learn how we can start working for you.