Here’s How to Keep Your Tech Team Motivated

In most organizations, the tech team is under constant stress. They are often the first people in and the last people out, they get called back into the office for emergencies, and they often spend evenings and weekends on call. That’s why frustration, boredom and burnout are so common in the industry. Unfortunately, most employees will not come to you to tell you they are feeling unmotivated. Instead, they will press on until it becomes too much, at which time they will start looking for a new job. If you’re noticing signs of disengagement among your tech team, it’s time to take action. Here are strategies you can use to keep your team motivated, engaged and inspired.  

Provide a Clear Vision  

Telling a technical employee to do something just because leadership says so is a demotivator. People have an inherent need to understand how their work fits into a bigger picture. Tying a job to an overall vision provides purpose and motivation to succeed. Making that connection and understanding why something is being done a certain way also helps unlock creativity and problem solving and promotes engagement.  

Get Out of the Way  

Micromanagement is a morale killer, a culture crusher and a demotivator for talented people. This is especially true in tech where conditions change by the minute. Tasks are much more effectively executed when individuals are able to manage them rather than being told what to do. Effective tech leaders provide a roadmap; then hand ownership to the team, providing support along the way while allowing them the autonomy to make real-time decisions.  

Say Thank You  

There is a scene from the show Mad Men between ad exec Don Draper and his protégée Peggy Olson, who was threatening to quit. The scene includes this exchange: 

Don: It’s your job. I give you money, you give me ideas.  

Peggy: And you never say thank you! 


Bosses everywhere can sympathize with Don’s point of view. But the fact is, showing a little bit of appreciation is important for keeping employees engaged and productive. Rewards are part of the feedback loop required to motivate and maintain the interests of valuable employees. So, first pay competitively, and then focus on building a culture of appreciation.  

Are You Looking for Motivated Tech Talent?  

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