6 Tips on How to Answer What Motivates You in an Interview

You’ll hear a lot of the same questions in every job interview throughout your tech career. One of those questions is, “What motivates you?” This might seem like an easy question to answer, but it catches a lot of candidates off guard. What hiring managers really want to uncover are the things that make you tick and drive you to succeed. The factors that motivate you will help them determine whether you are a fit for the job and the company culture. Use these tips to answer the question thoughtfully and demonstrate you are the right person for the job.  

One: Focus othe Job 

Always think about the skills and qualities that will be important for the job you’re discussing and showcase them in your answer. You can refer to the job posting for clues about the priorities for the position.  

Two: Consider Company Culture  

Learn as much as you can about the company culture and try to position yourself as a strong fit. If the company culture is all about teamwork, for example, talk about how achieving team goals motivates you.  

Three: Give an Example  

You show value in an interview by tying your answers to real experiences. Give an example of a task or project that really motivates you. For example, if you are driven by results, talk about a time you set a goal and exceeded it and discuss how it helped the team and/or organization achieve its goals.  

Four: Be Honest  

While it is important to tie your motivations to the job, you should always be honest when answering this question. Choose real motivating factors so your passion shines through. Saying only what you think the interviewer wants to hear will come off as insincere.   

Five: Be Concise  

A clear and concise response shows focus. Rambling or searching for an answer gives the impression you might not be a motivated candidate.  

Six: Don’t Make It All About You 

While the question is focused on you, your answer will be effective if it is focused on professional motivations. You may actually be motivated to get a paycheck and earn regular raises, but the hiring manager is looking for more. Always focus on responsibilities at work that keep you engaged and interested.  

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