Work With a Staffing Firm to Fill Healthcare Openings

Finding top healthcare talent is a challenge for many reasons. It can take months to fill critical openings due to talent shortages, lack of hiring resources and changing priorities in management. However, partnering with a staffing firm helps eliminate common hiring challenges and provides access to top talent.

A Staffing Firm Will Save Time

Internal HR teams are stretched to the limit, so a talent search can often get put on the back burner. A healthcare staffing agency takes the burden off internal teams. They will conduct searches and recommend candidates worth interviewing, freeing your team from hours of work. They can also provide temporary talent to help close staffing gaps while a search is in process, ensuring the facility is fully staffed and ready to meet demand.

A Staffing Firm Can Control Costs

Hiring a new employee can cost as much as five times the role’s salary, depending on the specialization and the time it takes to uncover the right candidate. A staffing firm not only saves time in a search, they can control costs as well. Searches are typically a fixed fee, allowing for accurate budgeting and benchmarking. Additionally, staffing firms can provide temporary or temporary-to-hire employees who are on the staffing company’s payroll, eliminating administrative costs.

A Staffing Firm Improves Accuracy

Oftentimes, in an effort to get someone on the job and working, internal teams will make rush decisions. A rushed hiring decision is often a bad hiring decision. A healthcare staffing firm will work to understand not only the skills and credentials needed, but also the culture of your team and the attributes required for a new hire to be successful.

A Staffing Firm Ensures Compliance

Vetting a potential candidate and verifying their credentials can take a lot of time and resources. Staffing companies are always vetting new talent to add to their pool, which means they will only recommend professionals with the skills, experience, qualifications and credentials you require.

Staffing Firms Deliver Per Diem Talent

Healthcare staffing agencies work with highly skilled and talented per diem and locum tenens professionals who have chosen to make a career out of short-term assignments. These professionals value the variety and flexibility that comes with per diem and locum tenens work. A healthcare staffing agency can provide quality medical professionals on demand to address immediate and unforeseen needs.

Do You Have Healthcare Staffing Challenges?

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