This Is How Locum Tenens Changes Lives

The modern healthcare system relies on locum tenens practitioners and professionals every day. Without these critical providers, healthcare staff can be overworked, and patients can experience higher stress and poor outcomes. Locum tenens means “place holder” in Latin and it is the term used for physicians and practitioners who fill gaps on an existing staff. Many medical professionals make an entire career out of locum tenens, finding it has literally changed their lives.

Locum Tenens Allows for Focus on Clinical Care

Today, practitioners get bogged down in administrative tasks, but locum tenens professionals have the luxury of focusing solely on the clinical aspects of their jobs. They do not have to deal with the business end of medicine or the administrative side of healthcare – they simply provide patients with care, which is the number one priority of most healthcare professionals. Locum tenens practitioners do have to complete paperwork associated with direct care, but that is where their administrative burden ends.

Locum Tenens Provides Flexibility

Healthcare practitioners work long hours and differing shifts and finding work-life balance can be a challenge. However, locum tenens professionals can build time off into their schedules to achieve the balance they need. It is possible to take off a few days between assignments, a few weeks or even a few months to travel, spend time with family and recharge.

Locum Tenens Allows Career Exploration

As a new physician or practitioner, it’s difficult to know what type of work environment is best for you. Many new professionals start their careers in locum tenens because they can explore different-sized facilities, different locations, different work cultures, etc., to figure out where they will thrive in their careers.

Locum Tenens Benefits Patients

Because locum tenens professionals can focus their attention on delivering care, it often leads to more positive experiences and outcomes for patients. Since the practitioner is not worried about the administrative aspects of the job or the politics of the facility, they are only focused on providing the care a patient needs in that moment. Locum tenens professionals also help hospitals stay fully staffed so no patients fall through the cracks or get neglected due to low staff.

Are You Interested in Locum Tenens Work?

If you are ready for the flexibility, freedom and patient focus of locum tenens work, partner with Employment Professionals Canada. Our experts can get you working quickly – and as often as you’d like. Browse our open jobs or contact us directly to learn more about locum tenens placements in Ontario.