6 Ways To Build Up Your Team

Teamwork is essential for success in today’s collaborative work environment. However, great teamwork doesn’t just happen on its own. If you want your employees to work together like a well-oiled machine, it takes effort and leadership.  

Here are six easy ways you can build up your team to promote a healthy and productive team culture.  

Team-Building Exercises 

You don’t have to go to a ropes course or retreat to do team-building exercises. You can do team builders in the comfort of your own office in less than 10 minutes. Incorporate mini team-builders into each week or month that will help the group overcome challenges. Have you hired new team members? Focus on getting to know each other. Conflict arising? Work on getting through and recovering.  

Have Team Rules  

No one likes rules, but the truth is rules establish order and keep everyone aligned. Imagine a football game where there were no rules. Team rules can help keep the group productive and successful. Team rules can be things like no phones in meetings, listen in meetings before speaking, respect people’s time in their off-hours, etc. 

For Every Role, a Purpose  

Everyone wants their work to have meaning. If your employees do not understand the purpose of their role, they will not be engaged. If employees do not understand their teammates’ roles, they may not fully respect each other’s time or efforts. Make sure every employee understands how each role helps the team and the organization achieve its goals.   

Recognize Achievements  

A staggering 83 percent of employees who worked for a company with a recognition program stated they were content with their jobs. Why? Because it is human nature to want to be recognized when we go above and beyond or score a big win. Recognition doesn’t have to be flashy or expensive, either. Company-wide emails, segments in the company newsletter, shout-outs in staff meetings and extra vacation days are all great ways to recognize achievement and reward good work.  

Take a Break Together  

Breaks are healthy and important to productivity. To build the team, take a break and do something fun. You might bring in coffee and bagels on Fridays, perhaps you participate as a group in online trivia once a week or host a weekly potluck, etc. Taking time out to be less formal will encourage better communication, sharing and bonding between team members. 

Celebrate as a Team  

When your team puts in long hours and hard work to hit a deadline, celebrate that success. You don’t have to celebrate every single time something goes well, but it is nice to celebrate truly major milestones when they happen. Take the group out to lunch on a Friday, invite everyone to happy hour, or have a meal catered in the office. The point is to get everyone together and celebrate their teamwork.  

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