How To Create a Diverse Team

The tech industry has come under scrutiny in recent years for a lack of diversity. Yes, diversity is important for equality and social justice, but savvy business leaders also know that diversity is about creating better outcomes for the company. Diverse organizations that reflect the makeup of the population-at-large attract better talent, and diverse teams produce better outcomes. Use this advice to create a more inclusive and diverse team – and see real business benefits.

Diverse Teams Deliver Better Outcomes

When you cultivate a tech team made up of people from different backgrounds and experiences, you develop a more engaged, creative group. Diverse teams also deliver:

  • Innovation: Diverse groups are more likely to find innovative solutions to problems because each person has a unique perspective. When everyone thinks and acts the same way, it’s virtually impossible to expect new ideas.
  • Better decision-making: In diverse groups, each person brings to the table a unique set of strengths and weaknesses, unique priorities and unique ideas. When it comes time to make a group decision, those differences foster in-depth discussions that cover all sides of a debate, and individuals are more likely to speak up and share what’s on their minds.
  • Flexibility: Homogenous teams slip into routines quickly. When something happens that disrupts a particular routine, it is difficult for the group to adapt quickly. Diverse teams are much more flexible and can respond better to challenges.

Recruiting for Diversity

Even if you understand why diverse teams are important, how can you make it happen, especially if you’re working with a homogenous group today? The truth is, hiring for diversity is easier said than done. Quotas aren’t the answer because true diversity must be organic, and it must facilitate access to top talent from different backgrounds.

Instead of focusing solely on skill and culture fit, focus on adding value with each hire. Fit is important, but take it an extra step. Look for traits in candidates that will add a new dimension to your company culture, rather than just someone who will assimilate into it.

Also, take a step outside your comfort zone in your recruiting tactics and try new things. You can’t expect to hire diverse candidates if you’re stuck in the same old recruiting routine. Partner with universities, host networking events, sponsor coding events, etc. Get your company out there and get in front of diverse sets of potential candidates.

Finally, try to remove existential bias from the hiring process. Remove all personal identifiers from candidate’s applications and adding new people to hiring teams who bring a fresh perspective to the process. A diverse hiring team will yield a more diverse set of new hires.

Are You Building A Diverse Workforce?

Improving diversity in your workplace sounds simple, but it can take years to see real results. If you really want to hire with diversity in mind and attract the best and brightest, put an expert on your side. Contact the tech recruiters at Employment Professionals Canada today to learn how we can help.