Five Tips For Hiring in A Tight Job Market

Attracting high-quality candidates in a tight market is a challenge for employers of every size and in every industry in Canada today. If you are looking for great people, here are five tips you can use to hire in this competitive environment.

Pay Competitive Rates

In a tight market, talented people have jobs, and while they may be open to new opportunities, they won’t leave a satisfactory job for a lower pay rate. You don’t have to offer absurdly high pay, but you do have to be in line with the market, and you should be willing to bump up rates for the right candidates. While higher pay eats into the bottom line, valuable employees will contribute positively to the bottom line over time in terms of quality and productivity. Hiring great people and offering great pay also helps attract future candidates. Employers with a reputation for paying low rates cannot attract the best and brightest.

Be Flexible With Certain Requirements

Finding someone who checks every box on your candidate wish list is impossible. Great people are trainable and can learn certain skills on the job. Also, be willing to give a little on experience. If you’re asking for ten years and a great candidate only has eight years, consider re-evaluating that requirement.

Streamline Your Hiring Process

Few things are more frustrating to candidates than a drawn-out or disorganized hiring process – especially when those candidates are currently employed and must take time away from work to interview. And employed candidates don’t have to wait around. Some tips for creating a better hiring experience:

    • Shorten your application process, and don’t ask for highly personal details.
    • Use an auto-responder to let candidates know their materials were received and that only qualified candidates will be contacted.
    • Always inform candidates of the timeline and next steps – and stick to it. If something changes, reach out to your top choices and loop them in.
    • Make interviews non-negotiable meetings for managers, so candidates don’t have to come back.

Be Honest

Don’t oversell the job, mislead candidates about culture or make promises that you cannot keep. Be honest and transparent about responsibilities, scheduling, pay and benefits, work environment, expectations, and development opportunities. If a talented person feels that a new job does not align with their expectations, they will start looking for another job sooner rather than later.

Work With A Professional Recruiter

A tight talent market means your ideal candidate is likely currently employed. Connecting with passive talent, selling them on your job, and making a compelling offer takes time and resources that many companies do not have. A professional recruiter can access passive talent quickly, they act as your “agent” in the field, selling your opportunity and they can streamline the application and initial screening and interview processes for you.

If you are ready to overcome your hiring challenges, contact the expert recruiters at Employment Professionals Canada today.