It’s A Great Time To Make A Career Move

Have you been thinking about making a career move? Now is a great time to start looking for new job opportunities in Canada. Here are several reasons why you should stop wishing for something more and start searching today.

Q1 Is One Of The Best Times To Look For A Job

January and February are the heart of the winter season, and you may want to hibernate until spring, but these are two of the best months of the year to look for a job. Many employers delay hiring in December due to the holidays, and in January, companies have new budgets to work with.

January can start slow, as people are just easing back into the swing of things after the holidays, but in mid-January, the pace tends to pick back up.

Employers Are Used To Competing For Top Talent

Economists are warning of an impending downturn, but we are still operating in a booming economy with low unemployment. For several years, employers have had to pull out all the stops to attract top talent, and they have gotten used to sweetening the pot for the right candidate.

Striking now, while the iron is still hot, could not only land you a great opportunity, but it could also land you a great pay rate and benefits as well as some additional perks like a flexible schedule or more vacation time.

A Great Time To Look For A Job is When You are Happy (It’s True)

Unhappiness at work is usually the force that compels people to look for a job. It also leads those people to accept a job that might not be ideal, just so they can get out of a bad situation. However, if you’re happy at work, you’ll be more discerning about the jobs you apply for, and you will be less apt just to accept anything that comes your way.

Searching for a job when you are happy can also be a boost in the interview chair. You won’t feel desperate or pressured. You’ll be more relaxed and confident in your answers, and hiring managers will pick up on that confidence and will see you in a more favourable light. So, regardless of the time of year or the economic conditions, if you’re happy in your job, it’s a great time to start a search for new opportunities.

Are You Ready To Find A New Job This Year?

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