Are You A Parent? Here Are 7 Job Search Tips

Whether you are a working parent looking for a better job opportunity or a stay-at-home parent looking to re-enter the workforce, the fact is, you’re busy. Finding time to search for a job can be extremely challenging when you’re balancing family and professional priorities. If you are a parent ready for new career challenges, here are seven job search tips you can use to achieve your goal.

Update Your Resume

Before you begin looking, make sure your resume is updated to reflect your most recent achievements. You also want it to look modern and fresh, so research current trends in resumes if it’s been more than three years since you’ve applied for a job.

Showcase Your Soft Skills

Nothing hones your soft skills like parenting. Communication. Empathy. Organization. Composure under pressure. Diplomacy. Flexibility. These are all skills employers look for, and they are all skills you’ve developed from the moment your first child was born. Make sure to highlight these soft skills on your resume and during interviews.

Use Your Personal Network

We often think of networking strictly in the professional sense, but don’t neglect your personal network. You probably know lots of other working parents, and there is nothing wrong with tapping into that network for help during a job search. You never know whom your friends from the hockey league might know in their professional lives.

Leverage Social Media

How often are you on social media during the day? You can still use it to decompress, but spend some of your social media time on job search activities. Connect with people who can help you in your job search, follow companies and thought leaders, and search job postings.

Let Someone Else Do The Housework

Don’t neglect your job search because you have a pile of laundry to do. Enlist help from your spouse or older children. Teenagers look for any excuse to drive a car, so consider sending them on errands or allowing them to earn privileges by helping out with chores. You can also hire people to clean, order meal delivery services, and even have your groceries delivered to your car or your home.

Consider Non-Traditional Opportunities

Most people limit their searches to permanent, full-time roles. However, a great way to make a career move if you’re already working or if you want to get back into the workforce is to consider temporary, contract and temporary-to-hire roles. These short-term assignments allow you to grow and sharpen your skills and expose you to a variety of work environments.

Work With A Professional Recruiter

A professional recruiter can be a great way to lessen your job search stress and find a job that’s the right fit for you. A recruiter will do the searching for you and will let you know when a great match has opened up.

If you are seeking new job opportunities and you want to put an expert in your corner, talk to the recruiters at Employment Professionals Canada.  We will help you find a job that aligns with your strengths. Browse our current job openings to apply online or contact us directly to learn more.