The Tech Skills You’ll Need To Enter The Cannabis Sector

It’s no secret that marijuana is big business in Canada. According to forecasts from Deloitte, legal cannabis could become a $22.6 billion industry and generate over 150,000 jobs over the next several years. As time goes on, employers will be looking for specific cannabis-sector experience, but for right now, they are just looking to scoop up top tech talent. If you want to break into the cannabis sector but have not worked in that industry before, now is a great time to get your foot in the door. Here are the most in-demand tech skills you’ll need if you want to take the leap.

Web Design

People are clamouring to get into the cannabis industry – and that includes more than just growers and sellers. Many industries support cannabis and new businesses are forming every day to facilitate things like e-commerce sales, finance, marketing, farming, business development, etc. Those companies need web designers and developers to help them create new websites or enhance existing websites to attract customers.

Coding and Programming

It’s not just web developers that are in high demand in the Canadian cannabis sector. Coders and software developers are also needed to help companies develop programs specifically for the cannabis industry. Cannabis is big business and like any other industry, companies are looking to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively and technology helps them achieve those goals.

UX Design

Passionate UX designers are finding a home in the cannabis sector. As a new industry, there are no rules or expectations about what a great user experience is. That means creative designers have a blank canvas in front of them to set the standard for amazing, user-friendly experiences in both the B2B cannabis market and the retail consumer market.

Data Science

Big data helps companies operate more efficiently and make data-driven decisions for the future. Right now, there is a huge demand for data scientists who can help companies collect and analyze data all the way from seed though the retail sale. Top data scientists are helping companies up and down the supply chain ensure smooth, cost-effective product and service delivery.

Digital Marketing

Competition in the cannabis sector is tough, both in the consumer sales side and the B2B side. Digital marketing presents huge opportunities for experienced professionals to help vendors, suppliers and retailers stand out and reach their target audiences.

Are You Looking for Tech Jobs in The Cannabis Sector?

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