Here Are The Trends For Women In Tech

Recently, Forbes talked to several women in tech about trends they see coming down the pike. These leaders expect to see people and industries using technology in more powerful ways in the coming years. These trends say tech leaders will lead to even more demand for skilled tech pros. Here are some of the trends being driven by women.

Widespread Tech Democratization

Melissa Schneider, VP Product Marketing, and Trends Expert at GoDaddy, believes that this year, we will see smaller organizations having more access to high-end tech.  She believes that the democratization of resources like AI and advanced analytics will help SMBs earn big wins in their markets.

Increased Enterprise Interoperability

Bear Douglas, Slack’s Director of Developer Relations, expects to see more interoperability between services in the near future. The greater demand for interoperability will create engineering jobs and related jobs to support these efforts. She also believes that as interoperability becomes much smoother and can be achieved through intermittent coding, developers, coders, and other non-engineering professionals will find themselves engaged in engineering work.

Greater Focus on Personal Safety and Security

When we think about security and tech, we tend to think about securing systems to prevent data breaches and theft. However, Yasmine Mustafa, CEO, and Founder of Roar for Good, notes that industries are using technology to protect employees and customers and reduce liability exposure physically. This includes everything from building entry systems to facial recognition to panic buttons in hotel rooms to protect housekeeping staff and guests.

Politics In Our Pockets

Politics has increasingly become a part of everyday life in Canada, and political organizations are looking for new ways to connect with potential supporters and donors. Milkcrate founder and CEO Morgan Berman expects to see a rise in political mobile apps designed to connect like-minded people, organize events, engage potential supporters and fundraise.

Are You Ready For the Future of Tech?

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