Using A Healthcare Recruiter To Find Your Career

Are you looking for a new healthcare position? Whether you’re unhappy at your current job or you’re looking to make a strategic move, a healthcare recruiter can help you find a great job and fulfill the career vision you’ve laid out for yourself.  Here are just a few reasons why you should use a healthcare recruiter to find your career.  

A Solo Healthcare Search Can Be Overwhelming  

Healthcare is unique in that there are far more job openings than there are good people to fill them. While this might seem like it makes your job search easier, it can actually lead to overwhelm. After you’ve spent a long day working, it can take hours to identify potential openings that might be a good fit. Then it can take several more hours to apply for each job, and ultimately, you’ll get burned out and you never really know if a job is right for you. 

A recruiter will work with you to identify roles and facilities that they know will be a good fit for you and will submit your documentation for you. This can save you hours every week and alleviate a great deal of stress, all while increasing the chances you’ll find your ideal role.  

You Can Break Into A Great Facility  

You probably have a list of a few places you’d love to work. But getting your foot in the door can be difficult. There are often hundreds of applicants for one full-time job and it’s often who you know that can help you get a leg up.  

With a recruiter on your side, you have that leg up. Whether they get you in the door with a short-term assignment or they help you reach the top of the pile for a full-time role, a recruiter can help you break into your idea facility a lot easier than trying to do it alone. Recruiters also often have information on positions that are not advertised to the public, which means they can connect you to jobs that you would never find by searching job boards.  

You’ll Become A Stronger Candidate 

Recruiters provide feedback after you have an interview. They will be upfront, providing both positive and constructive criticism so that you know what you do well during interviews and areas you may need to work on. This type of information is rarely provided to candidates and it can be an invaluable resource for landing a great job.  

Recruiters Help You Avoid Salary Negotiations 

Does the idea of negotiating your salary put your stomach in a knot? You’re not alone. Typically, when you work with a recruiter you’ll talk upfront about your salary requirements and they will recommend you for roles that meet your needs. If something breaks down in the offer stage and you get less than expected, the recruiter can handle the negotiation with the employer for you.  

Are You Looking For Healthcare Jobs in Ontario? 

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