Use These Interviewer Tips To Win Over Tech Candidates

The tech talent market is extremely competitive, and your company will be working against one or more rivals to land top professionals. Interviews are a two-way street, and candidates will be judging you just as you are judging them throughout the process.  Use these tips to win over tech candidates in your interviews.

Be Nice

Even if you’re having a rough day, be nice to candidates. Greet them with a smile and make them feel welcome. Smile, maintain eye contact and ease into the conversation with some icebreakers.

Respect Their Time

Some hiring managers like to make candidates wait, but this can damage a candidate’s perception of you and your organization. Show up on time for interviews, be thorough without dragging out the interview for too long and don’t require them to return for unplanned rounds of interviews.

It’s also important to respect the candidate’s time to ask questions. You may want to wrap it up, but listen to their questions and answer them thoroughly to show you respect their desire to learn more about the job.

Treat the Interview Like A Conversation

Rather than interrogating candidates, treat the interview like a conversation. This will help candidates relax and show more of their true personality, and it will give them a much more positive feeling about talking with you – and potentially working with you.

Don’t Ask Crazy Questions

Complex problem-solving questions have become popular in tech interviews in recent years, but they turn candidates off. Yes, you need to understand how a potential tech employee solves complex problems, but give them tech problems to solve and watch their process rather than asking how many jellybeans fit into a school bus.

Be Prepared

You expect candidates to conduct at least basic research on your company. Show them the same respect of having read their resume and viewing their work submissions before the interview. You don’t have to memorize their CV, but read it and show the candidate that you care about getting to know them.

Be Honest

Just as candidates sometimes feel the need to exaggerate their experience or skills, hiring managers sometimes want to gloss over aspects of the job or the company that they think might damage a candidate’s opinion. If a candidate asks a direct question, answer it with a direct response. Be honest about company culture, pay, benefits, responsibilities, etc. It’s always better to be honest and lose a candidate who might not be a good fit than to hire someone who ends up leaving after a few weeks or months because they feel misled.

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