5 Red Flags When Interviewing for Tech Jobs

When you’re searching for a new IT job, it’s easy to put potential employers on a pedestal, but it is important to remember that not every job will be right for you. Just as the interviewer is evaluating your fitness for the role, you should also be evaluating the company to determine whether it and the job are a good fit for you. Here are five red flags to watch for when interviewing for tech jobs.

1. The Interviewer Doesn’t Understand Tech

It’s likely that your first phone screen will be with someone from HR who isn’t versed in technology. But if your face-to-face (or video) interviews are with someone who doesn’t understand what you do, consider it a red flag. Someone who isn’t a tech professional can’t possibly evaluate you properly if they do not speak your language.

2. The Process is Disorganized

When hiring tech professionals, many companies use three or more rounds of interviews to make their decision. However, if the process feels disorganized, it could be a sign the company is disorganized, as well. If you get called back repeatedly because decision-makers blow off your interview, if it takes too long for the hiring manager to respond, or if you aren’t clear on who is running the show, the job may not be right for you.

3. You Get A Hard Sell

It might be flattering if the interviewer wants to hire you on the spot, but consider a hard push to accept right away a red flag. Companies should not be that desperate to fill a role, and every business should give you plenty of time to make an informed decision.

4. They Lowball You On Salary

You probably know your value in the market, but always do some research beforehand. A company that offers significantly less than what you are worth either cannot afford to pay you well, which could be an indication of a poor financial situation, or they simply do not value your contributions.

5. They Cannot or Will Not Tell You Why The Last Person Left

If you ask why the role is vacant and the answer isn’t, “this is a new position,” the hiring manager should be forthcoming about why the last person left the job. If they are evasive or simply will not tell you, it means they either don’t know or are completely out of touch with what is going on in the organization.

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