6 Ways You Can Recognize An Employee’s Efforts

Employee recognition is important in any industry, but it is especially important in a field as demanding and stressful as healthcare. Recognizing employees boosts morale, improves engagement, and helps staff know that they are valued. Here are some tips you can use for effective employee recognition.

1. Regularly Give Immediate Positive Feedback

It’s easy to stop someone mid-task and explain that they are doing something incorrectly. But how often do you stop a staff member in the hall or call them in to tell them you saw them do something exceptional? In-the-moment positive feedback shows you are aware of staff efforts and gives them a reason to repeat that behaviour in the future.

2. Make Peer Recognition Part of Every Team Meeting

During team meetings, open the floor for team members to recognize peers they have seen do something spectacular. This can help boost teamwork and team trust, and it shows staff that their peers value their efforts.

3. Have A Monthly Peer-Nominated Award

Turn the “employee of the month” program on its ear by bestowing the award on people nominated by other staff. It means a lot more to everyone if outstanding employees aren’t chosen by leaders but by one another.

4. Award With PTO

If you have an employee of the month program or some other type of monthly recognition program, make part of the award one day of paid time off. Healthcare professionals work long hours away from their families and something as simple as one extra day off can go a long way with your team members.

5. Bring Food

After a particularly stressful week, surprise your team by bringing in a catered meal or special treat. Make sure you cover each shift, as well. You don’t want people to feel resentful that they missed out because they were on the wrong shift.

6. Never Miss A Service Anniversary

It is important to recognize nurses for their loyalty to your facility. Formally recognize employees after one year, then every 5 years after that. However, on the anniversaries ‘In between” you can also post something on team bulletin boards or make a quick announcement during team meetings.

Engaged Employees Boost Retention

While it’s simply nice to recognize employees who have done well, it also helps boost retention by increasing engagement, loyalty and job satisfaction. For more tips on improving retention or to access top healthcare professionals in Ontario, contact the expert recruiters at Employment Professionals Canada online or call 1-800-842-0421 today. We look forward to helping you achieve your recruiting goals.