When Is the Right Time to Hire?

Knowing when to hire isn’t always easy. If you lose a key player, you have to fill the role, but things aren’t always that straightforward. The ebbs and flows of manufacturing can be difficult to predict, which often means hiring managers are left scrambling at the last minute. Here are some signs to watch for to let you know whether it’s the right time to hire.

Your Company Lands A Huge Contract

This should be a simple sign that it’s time to hire, but companies still often wait until the last minute. As soon as you hear about a major contract, talk to company leadership, and get on the phone with your staffing partner to start planning a ramp-up.

Your Best People Are Burned Out

There will always be some people on your team who can’t hack the pressures of manufacturing, but if you notice that your most reliable team members are making mistakes, failing to keep up or are completely burning out from working too much, it’s probably time to think about calling in some reinforcements.

Overtime Is Becoming Status Quo

Overtime is to be expected in manufacturing, but if it has become normal, it’s probably time to think about bringing in new people. The good news is that over time can be alleviated by hiring temporary, contingent workers to help with immediate demands. Working with temporary employees is often much more cost-effective than paying overtime, and temporary workers can be onboarded and offboarded quickly in response to change.

Your Bosses Are Noticing Problems

If your supervisors and managers are hearing from higher-ups that quality is slipping, deadlines are being missed, or other issues are occurring, it’s probably time to hire. Spreading a workforce too thin leads to quality and timing issues, so if problems are making their way up the ladder, it’s a good idea to bring in some help for your staff.

Are You Ready to Create a Strategic Hiring Plan?

Working with an expert staffing firm can help you ramp up and down quickly in response to changing conditions, ensuring you are always fully staffed. These firms have a built-in pipeline of full-time and temporary workers who are seeking new opportunities. They can relieve the strain on your internal team while helping you maintain budgets and quality output.

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